Plaque mounting is an affordable alternative to custom framing for your photos, posters, prints and more. No glare and no glass to break. UV protected and ready to hang on the wall. Your print is permanently bonded to a wood, aluminum or plexiglass substrate so it will not buckle, wrinkle or fade.

Colours are more vibrant and the image appears sharper than ever before, standing out with a near 3D effect. The adhesive facemount film contains UV stabilizers so the glue won't yellow and colours will remain vivid for years.

You provide the print or digital file and we will create your custom plaque.

For prints mounted on a wood substrate, edges can be finished in a variety of colours for a frame-free contemporary look, ready to hang on the wall. No special hanging hardware is required. If you wish a frame, we have some made for them.


Seeing your Photos on Acrylic is an eye-popping experience. The combination of super vivid printing and the perspective of depth behind the acrylic creates an incredible vibrancy to your photo that really makes it pop. If you are looking for a medium that will give your images maximum punch, this is definitely it.

Your image is printed onto Premium Metallic or Luster photo paper. The photo is then face mounted onto the back of a 99.99% optically pure, cast 1/4" acrylic sheet (plexiglass). This gives your photo the stunning eye popping 3D effect. The backside of the print is then protected with a white stability board for extra longevity and protection against moisture and handling. Due to this printing technique, the UV resistant inks, and the natural UV inhibitors in the Acrylic, these prints will have a fade life of 120 years.

The edges are then beveled and finished off with your choice of edge color (black, white, gold, silver, brown, blue, green or red) this captures the image giving it great depth compared to unfinished edges. The image is printed right to the edge of the acrylic for a sleek modern look.

Then we mount a 3/8 inch deep aluminum moulding on the back so that your print floats off the wall when hung.

Samples can be viewed in the store.

For the best results images should be submitted as a 300
dpi jpeg or as an .eps or vector .pdf digital file.


With aluminum photo mounting, the image is printed onto premium photo paper (Luster or Metallic). The print is then mounted and laminated (Glossy or Matte Finish) onto 1/8" raw aluminum. The image is not printed onto aluminum so as to retain the best possible color and resolution for your images. If you are looking for a sleek, low profile modern style this is the product for you. The perfectly flat 1/8" aluminum feels solid and definitive. Its weight alone makes you feel like you are holding something important and of substance.

If you want this same sleek modern look at a more affordable price we can mount and laminate your image onto 1/8" Dibond (hard plastic black core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum).
Both products come ready to hang with a 1/2" aluminum frame attached to the back giving your finished product the illusion that it is floating off the wall.


This technique transforms fine art prints, posters and photos into rich beautifully textured works of art that simulate the look and feel of an original painting.

Canvas transfers are produced by first cropping the print to the image (borders and text are removed) and then applying a durable, non-reflective, UV-blocking laminate film onto the surface of the fine art print or poster. This protects the image from fingerprints, dirt, moisture and other contaminants.

Using a special process the image is then lifted from the paper backing leaving only the colored ink. The laminated image is then placed onto a high quality 7 oz. acid free primed artist canvas and heat sealed in a press. As a result, the image takes on the texture of the canvas giving it the look and feel of an original.


To further replicate the look of an original painting, we can add visual and textural depth to your canvas transfers by applying hand painted brush strokes with a clear gel medium. We pride ourselves on being able to capture the fine detail from the original artist's brush strokes and strive to ensure that each canvas transfer is a beautiful expression of style and creativity. Every canvas transfer will be unique unto itself (a one of a kind).




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